Termination and damages in Dutch agency law

According to Dutch agency law, summary termination (which must be immediately communicated to the other party) is permitted and may be contractually provided for, but damages may be due to the terminated party if there is no justifiable urgent cause for the termination. The amount of damages may be substantial and the Dutch courts have wide discretion in this matter. Termination may also be effected by court decision at the request of either party to the agency agreement.

The attorneys of Blenheim law firm in the Netherlands can assist you in all kinds of issues regarding agency contracts when Dutch law applies.

Because of the complexity of Dutch agency law, we advise you to contact a lawyer of Blenheim before entering into or terminating an agency agreement. 

Dutch lawyers specialized in agency agreements under Dutch law

Our lawyers can assist you in assessing an agency agreement under Dutch law, and negotiating, drafting, closing, fulfilling and terminating an agency contract under Dutch law.

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