Debt collection in The Netherlands

As a Dutch law firm, Blenheim also acts in matters of debt recovery.

We are able to pursue debtors in The Netherlands quickly and efficiently to ensure a maximum return at a minimum cost to the creditor.

Where appropriate, we seek to recover debts through:

  • insolvency proceedings
  • garnishee (conservatory arrest) - and similar orders to secure debts
  • summary proceedings, and
  • deeds of arrangement.

As a rule, within 2 working days hours of receiving your instructions and after establishing a working relationship, the initial contact with the debtor will be made by us, and confirmation of this sent to you.

Apart from sending a summons and the necessary follow-up correspondence to your debtor, your debtor will also be further contacted by phone, fax and (or) e-mail.

Should extrajudicial actions fail to result in payment of the claim, we will, with your prior consent, take appropriate legal action, and initiate legal proceedings.
When litigating we will endeavor to keep the necessary costs charged to your account to a bare minimum.

Dutch law firm specialized in debt collection

If you require debt collection in The Netherlands, please contact our Dutch debt collection attorneys.

We look forward to working with you to collect your debts in The Netherlands.
Please feel free to contact:

LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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