Employment law in The Netherlands

The Dutch employment lawyers of our law firm in Amsterdam are dedicated to providing outstanding advice on employment law in The Netherlands.

More specifically, the legal services our law firm renders concerning employment law in The Netherlands include the following:

  • the design and implementation of employment applications, employment agreements and contracts, and employee handbooks under Dutch employment law
  • lawful investigations and employee terminations in The Netherlands
  • worker’s compensation claims
  • the design of effective and lawful wage payment programs and draft employment agreements and policies to ensure compliance
  • unilateral change of employment conditions
  • the audit of employer overtime exempt classifications, and giving advice concerning wage payment obligations
  • to counsel employers on deferred compensation plans and executive compensation arrangements
  • draft and implement alternative payments, such as stock option and employee stock purchase plans
  • labor law compliance and effective labor-management relations, including interpretation of collective agreements
  • employment termination proceedings
  • important personnel decisions, such as:
    • employee evaluations
    • discipline
    • suspension or termination
  • (collective) redundancies and reorganization programs
  • employment law litigation.

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Enquiries concerning Dutch employment law

For information about the expertise of our law firm in The Netherlands on these or other employment law subjects, please contact one of the following Dutch employment law attorneys:


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