About Blenheim

Law firm Blenheim was founded in 2001 and has since experienced solid growth. We are a commercially oriented medium-sized law firm in Amsterdam. With approximately 50 employees, including 30 lawyers, we are always looking for the best way to help our clients. This means that clients can always call on us. With our advice we try to prevent legal problems as much as possible. If the problems are already a fact, then we ensure that they are solved as quickly as possible. We do this with commitment, dedication and healthy pragmatism. Quality is always paramount!

Our enthusiastic and efficient service is appreciated by our clients. We strive to advise and assist entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals and to solve their concerns. We are happy to train young lawyers to become professional lawyers so that we can further expand our specialties. And we like to do that with you as our client.

“Rather a creative solution than a procedure.”
Mark van Weeren, founding partner

Entrepreneurial clients

Our clients are usually entrepreneurs. These are the people for whom we like to go the extra mile to provide practical advice on challenging issues. Entrepreneurship is in Blenheim’s DNA. In addition to DGAs and (large) companies, we also take care of multinationals and listed companies.

In practice

The practice areas of our firm are commercial and corporate litigation, corporate law, real estate law, administrative law, financial law, employment law, privacy law and contract law. We advise and litigate where necessary and where there is added value. We also have a specific hospitality desk, German desk and international desk. You can find a complete overview of our activities here.

“You can’t advise as a lawyer if you don’t have any real litigation experience in the field.”
Jeroen Latour, founding partner.

International focus

Blenheim has an international law practice and is part of LAW, an international network of medium-sized law firms around the world. As such, most lawyers have knowledge of the English and/or German language and entrepreneurial culture. Our lawyers advise and litigate within the broad spectrum of international business.

Lawyers and support staff

Our lawyers are involved and driven advisors for and with the client. They are happy to assist clients during day-to-day business operations, during negotiations, and in court or at the Enterprise Chamber. In order to achieve our ambitions, our lawyers work together with a professional support staff. These colleagues have expertise in the areas of Marketing & Business Development, Finance, ICT and Human Resources.

“We let the entrepreneur be an entrepreneur by taking care of them completely in the legal field.”
Arjen Paardekoper, founding partner

Working method

After a thorough investigation, the strategy and approach are determined together with the client in order to achieve the desired result. Legal quality is a basic requirement. Pragmatism, proactivity and the ability to put yourself in the client’s shoes are just as important.

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