About us

Blenheim law firm was established in 2001 and has seen robust growth since that time. Our enthusiastic and efficient service is greatly valued by our clients. We strive to aid entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial private citizens with advice and assistance, and to relieve them of their concerns. We love to train young lawyers to be professional attorneys, and growing our specialized services in tandem. And we love doing that together with you as our client.

Mission and vision

We take care of our clients. That means they can always call on us to help out. Problems with legal aspects need to be solved. With professional engagement, determination and healthy pragmatism. We advise in a proactive manner to prevent problems. Let Blenheim take away your concerns.


Blenheim regularly has workplaces and internships. Check the page ‘vacancies’.

Terms and conditions to our service

Our service is initiated by a mutual agreement to a business engagement, on which our general terms and conditions apply. Read here our terms and conditions.

Privacy policy

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