Mid-sized law firm with international focus

Blenheim has an international law practice and is part of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), an international network of mid-sized law firms around the world. Most of the lawyers therefore have knowledge of the English and/or German language and the entrepreneurial culture. Our lawyers advise and litigate within the broad spectrum of international business.

Lawyers Associated Worldwide

Blenheim is part of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), a global network of independent law firms working together to provide the best possible service to their clients. Blenheim represents the Netherlands in this worldwide network.

Founded in 1989, LAW is a global resource of locally respected law firms. This international network offers Blenheim’s clients a unique expertise of over 100 law firms representing more than 4000 individual lawyers around the world.

International Desk

Law plays an increasingly important role in international business. Blenheim has a team of internationally trained lawyers and even foreign lawyers to assist our clients. Want to know more about our International Desk? Read more here.

German Desk

Blenheim’s German Desk consists of both Dutch lawyers who speak German and German lawyers who are fluent in Dutch. Our German Desk can help bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between Dutch and German business partners, and effectively explain the subtleties of (and differences between) the Dutch and German legal systems to our clients. Want to know more about our German Desk? Read more here.

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