9 May 2024

Blenheim advises LSV Holding on successful sale of Mozard and IenPM to Atabix

Category: Mergers and acquisitions

Blenheim is proud to announce that Dirk de Waard assisted LSV Holding B.V. in the successful sale of Mozard B.V. and IenPM B.V. to Atabix. With this acquisition, Atabix gains important domain knowledge and new products, further strengthening their market position as a software supplier and knowledge partner within e-government.

Mozard and IenPM: founders and providers of case-oriented working

Mozard is one of the founding fathers of case-oriented working and the first provider of a case system in the Netherlands. Mozard’s SaaS solutions enable (semi-)government bodies to improve their services and information provision and reduce their costs. The Mozard Suite comprises an extensive range of functionalities, including a case system, object registration system, document management system, content management system with forms, intranet and customer contact system. IenPM focuses mainly on implementing the Mozard solutions.

The management of Mozard and IenPM will remain involved to realise the joint growth strategy together with Atabix’s management and to serve (semi-)government bodies even better in the development, configuration and implementation of digital solutions.

Mark Voogd (founder Mozard) on the deal

‘Atabix, Mozard and IenPM have been offering high-quality services in ICT, case-oriented working and information management for many years. The cooperation between Atabix, Mozard and IenPM strengthens our position in the VTH and case systems market. Together, we are vigorously building on a leading software player that helps (semi-)government bodies develop, configure and implement digital solutions.’

Atabix: specialist in digitising critical processes at (semi-)government bodies

Atabix focuses on digitising critical processes at (semi-)government bodies. The company does this through its software suite Atabase.

Customers use the software to digitise and professionally manage their administrative processes and customer contacts. Atabase is implemented in the (semi-)public sector by Atabix’s development sprint teams.

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