4 January 2023

Blenheim advises Nexton shareholders on sale to Dura Vermeer

Category: Mergers and acquisitions

Blenheim is proud to announce that Nexton, a technical services provider consisting of several companies, has been acquired by Dura Vermeer. Arjen Paardekooper, Daan Willemse and Olivier Bergh assisted the shareholders legally during the process.

Nexton: complete and future-proof solutions

Nexton is a contractor on issues related to smart building, energy transition, sustainability, circularity and as-a-service models. They own 15 independent consulting and installation companies and product suppliers with a total turnover of €47.5 million in 2022. They connect all specialisms in a smart way. The benefit for the customer: a complete, concrete and future-proof solution for all (installation) technical issues.

The CEO of Nexton, Eugene Soffers, is delighted with the strategic collaboration opportunities arising from the takeover by Dura Vermeer:

‘Nexton as part of Dura Vermeer means more clout, innovative strength and opportunities to expand our activities’. ‘For clients with installation engineering issues, this cooperation provides great benefits.’ In addition, the cooperation offers great opportunities and growth prospects for Nexton employees.’

Selling shareholders Eugene Soffers and Rene Zeeman will remain involved in the organisation at least until the end of 2024. A number of Nexton-affiliated companies (NEOS, Centricity24 and GloBLD) will not join Dura Vermeer. However, Nexton will remain involved with these companies.

Dura Vermeer: top 5 company with further growth ambitions

Dura Vermeer is a top 5 company in the Dutch construction industry with a total turnover of €1.6 trillion in 2022. Dura Vermeer is a family-owned company that has existed since 1855 and, with around 2,800 employees, is active in residential construction, non-residential construction, infrastructure and engineering. Its core activities include design, development and realisation of construction and infrastructure projects, including maintenance, renovation and transformation.

Dura Vermeer sees the importance of installation engineering as an integral part of construction and infrastructure projects increasing. Technology is decisive in meeting customer demand. With the acquisition of Nexton, Dura Vermeer is fulfilling the strategic growth ambitions of the Engineering Division.

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