17 August 2014

Internet business contracts in the Netherlands

Category: Contract law

A new service industry develop in the Netherlands. A lot of contracts are entered into with Dutch companies related to the internet en online business Holland is a big hub for internet providers en related businesses. As a lawfirm in the Netherlands we have experienced this ourselves. A lot of contracts are entered into related to the internet and online business. Especially the building of data centers (link: https://www.4d-dc.com/insight/what-is-a-data-centre) in the Netherlands is becoming an industry of its own. Recently we have been working on the standardization of building contracts for data centers for one of our clients.

Project with company in the Netherlands

More traditional forms of contract have been part of our services for foreign clients, such as contracts relating to licensing, agency, distribution centers for retail, mail order, parcel handling, courier, postal, electronics, etc. Blenheim attorneys advise on the legal aspects of projects for capital industry including infrastructure projects, telecommunications, dredging and hydrological engineering. Lawyers of Blenheim are experienced in a variety of standard contracts for industry, manufacturing and distribution. Please contact our Dutch Business Lawyer Mark van Weeren.

Construction and building contract in the Netherlands

A team of our lawyers in Amsterdam specialize in litigation/ADR in the construction industry. Legal assistance from our lawyers touches on all aspects of (industrial) construction projects, including preparation of agreements for basic engineering, industrial applications, manufacturing, architectural, pre-bid agreements, project contracts, joint venture or consortium agreements, subcontracting and related financial documentation such as letters of credit, guarantees, (performance) bonds, as well service agreements, license agreements and distribution agreements). Please contact a business lawyer of Blenheim to discuss legal issues of your business in the Netherlands.