18 February 2017

Company searches in the Netherlands

Category: Company law

Blenheim does company searches and can provide you with the following general information concerning Dutch based companies:

  • “naamloze vennootschappen” (NV) (being Dutch for public limited liability companies)
  • “besloten vennootschappen met beperkte aansprakelijkheid” (BV) (being Dutch for private limited liability companies) and
  • “firma’s” or partnerships, and one-person companies:
    • business name(s)
    • statutory name
    • business address
    • correspondence address
    • telephone numbers
    • e-mail address (if any) and website (if any)
    • name and address of all directors, including their extent of authority
    • date and place of birth of all directors (in case of natural persons)
    • name and address of other registered officers (with power of attorney)
    • name and address of shareholder (but only in case of a B.V. with a single shareholder)
    • name and address of trustee (in case of insolvency)
    • information relating to insolvency or suspension of payments
    • legal form of the company
    • short description of the companynumber of persons employed
    • date of establishment
    • registered offices
    • information about capital (in case of N.V. or B.V.)
    • registration number
    • financial information

    Furthermore, Blenheim can provide the following financial information (in Dutch – translations at extra costs):

  • concerning a small company:
    • balance sheet
  • middle-sized company:
    • balance sheet
    • profit and loss account
    • simple annual report and auditor’s report
  • and a large company:
    • balance sheet
    • profit and loss account
    • detailed annual report and auditor’s report.

    If need be, we can also enquire about a company’s creditors.


    For general information only we charge a fee of EUR 100.– per company, and for general plus financial information we charge EUR 140.– per company (to which VAT – if any – and 7.5% office costs will be added). Services rendered which are not specifically listed above will be charged separately.

    Turn around time

    General information and financial information can be provided within one day, for enquiries about a company’s creditors please allow two weeks.

    It is our firm’s strict policy to ask for a retainer fee prior to commencing our work. We will start dealing with a search on payment of the retainer and your written confirmation of the assignment.
    Retainers will be settled with the final statement of fees and expenses.

    General conditions

    All services provided by Blenheim are subject (exclusively) to its general terms and conditions (registered at the Amsterdam district court under number 73/2017), which contain a limitation of its liability, to the amount as is paid out in the matter concerned under Blenheim’s professional liability insurance.