26 September 2019

Debt recovery in Holland

Debt recovery in Holland

Taking a Dutch debtor to court in the Netherlands

The Amsterdam law firm Blenheim renders professional debt recovery services in Holland for commercial debts in The Netherlands.

The Amsterdam debt collection attorneys of Blenheim have ample experience in recovering debts from Dutch debtors for international clients.
Instructing a reputable Dutch law firm is an effective way to pressure your debtor in The Netherlands.
As an Amsterdam law firm we can take your Dutch debtor to court in his own jurisdiction.

Prior to debt recovery court action in the Netherlands

Before contacting the debtor in Holland, we would typically assess you legal position, and verify the relevant information (such as the identity of the debtor, contracts, invoices, calculations of interest) particulars of the debt (for example, copies of invoices), and make calculations regarding interest, legal penalties and charges, if any.

We will then send out a formal notice letter, followed by contacting the debtor in Holland through a barrage of letters, emails and telephone calls, each targeted at a voluntary settlement of your claim.

Most engagements to recover a debt do not require court action.
In some cases, however, this is different; lacking an out of court settlement (immediate and full payment by the Dutch debtor, or agreement on a payment scheme), our Dutch collection attorneys will initiate court action before one of the Dutch courts.

Going to court in the Netherlands

How do you start proceedings in the Netherlands?
In straightforward proceedings, after serving and filing of the writ of summons and payment of the court charges, the defendant typically submits a written answer.
The Dutch court may thereafter order both parties to appear for a hearing. The purpose of such a hearing is to assess whether a settlement between the parties can be reached and provide information to the judge.

After that hearing, the court sometimes allows parties to submit further written pleadings (i.e. a reply, followed by rejoinder), or instruct a party to provide evidence to support or refute certain allegations.
A party has in principle six weeks to submit its answer to a writ of summons, or another statement. This can be less for incidental issues (e.g. jurisdictional issues) or simple legal briefs.

Collection attorneys in Holland

If you have a debt that needs to be collected in Holland, please feel free to contact us.
We would gladly assist you.

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