6 June 2013

No cure, no fee debt recovery in The Netherlands

Debt recovery in The Netherlands – no cure, no fee

Our firm offers a simple “no cure, no fee” arrangement in undefended cases.
If and when our efforts have led to payment, we will charge the following scale fees (exclusive of VAT, if any):

Up to € 3,000 20 %
€ 3,001 up to € 6,000 15 %
€ 6,001 up to € 15,000 10 %
€ 15,001 up to € 60,000 8 %
€ 60,001 and higher 5 %

If a case is defended or contentious, or requires additional effort by us (for instance conducting settlement negotiations or drafting intricate settlement contracts), the fees will be calculated based on the time spent in dealing with the case.

Disbursements and costs of debt recovery in Holland

For each debt recovery assignment, we will charge the actual disbursements made with your prior consent, like bailiff’s fees, translation costs and court charges. We reserve the right to request a retainer to guarantee payment of our firm’s disbursements before initiating proceedings.

Collection attorneys in Holland

If you have a debt that needs to be collected in Holland, please feel free to contact us.
We would gladly assist you.

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