14 June 2013

Dutch debt collection attorneys

Category: Debt collection

The Dutch debt collection attorneys of our law firm in Amsterdam are happy to assist creditors with volume debts, as well as creditors with just the occasional need. Our debt collecting attorneys are able to deal with any particular issue in a customized fashion. The approach of our debt recovery in The Netherlands has proven success with foreign and Dutch companies alike.

Most of the debt collection cases our collection attorneys handle are about unpaid invoices for goods delivered from abroad to commercial businesses in The Netherlands.

Debt collection by Dutch debt collection attorneys

The debt collection attorneys of Blenheim aim to collect as swift and adequate as possible, using the most effective legal debt collection methods available in The Netherlands.

Our debt collection attorneys assess each debt submitted, before deciding the course of action.
Each debt that has to be collected has to be assessed on its own merits, and the type of debt collection action is dependent on a number of criteria, such as

  • the sum of the debt
  • the profile of the Dutch debtor and
  • the feasibility of recovering costs.We are experienced in the field of debt collection in The Netherlands and you can be assured that the debt recovery action that we will take for your particular debts, will be the best possible method to collect in the Dutch jurisdiction.

Services Dutch attorney for debt collection and recovery

The actions that our Dutch debt collection attorneys can take to recover your debts, could include the following:

  • investigations of the debtor for any assets
  • arrest assets in the Dutch jurisdiction
  • making telephone calls to the debtor and sending notice letters
  • making personal visits to the debtor
  • taking court action – starting litigation proceedings
  • applying for bankruptcy for individuals or the insolvency and winding up of companies.

During the debt collection process in The Netherlands, we will keep you informed of any progress and are always available throughout the debt collection process, should you wish to discuss your debt collection.

Please feel free to contact one of our Dutch debt collection attorneys, to discuss any issue regarding debt recovery in Holland.