6 March 2017

Entertainment law attorneys in the Netherlands

Category: Media law

Our attorneys represent and advise clients in music, film, television, modeling and other areas of the entertainment industry. Our Dutch entertainment lawyers have years of hands-on experience representing a diverse clientele.

Blenheim’s entertainment industry clients include domestic and international individuals and companies (producers, directors, actors, musicians, singers, writers, publishers, athletes and celebrities), who are involved in:

  • music, television, film and video production
  • fashion design and distribution
  • artist – and athlete management and
  • journalism.
  • Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, our law firm serves international clients from all over the world in entertainment law matters, for instance by negotiating, assessing and drafting music, video, film and television contracts (talent, production and director), and design, distribution, financing, licensing, royalty and publishing contracts. As attorneys are also experienced in legal cases involving adult entertainment law in The Netherlands.
  • We deal with matters of free speech, censorship, adult entertainment websites, erotic video sites and entertainment facilities. We can assist by reviewing and help you conform your entertainment business to Dutch laws and regulations. We can also legally assess your enterprise format and advise you on what particular stock would be appropriate for you to carry in the Dutch jurisdiction.