8 April 2017

License Procedure for Remote Gambling in The Netherlands

Category: Licenses

Recently The Netherlands Gaming Authority has submitted that it is possible to express interest in obtaining a license for remote gambling by The Netherlands Gaming Authority. By means of this call for interest The Netherlands Gaming Authority will be able to inform interested parties about the progress of determining the licensing requirements process. Moreover, this call for interest gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with parties that are interested in obtaining a license for remote gambling. Please note that the legal framework on which the future license for remote gambling is going to be based, is to be ratified by the Dutch Senate and has not come into force yet. Decisions will be taken on tasks, responsibilities and powers of The Netherlands Gaming Authority.

Preparations regarding the Dutch licensing procedure

To prepare for the (future) licensing of online gambling, the Netherlands Gaming Authority cooperates with its European counterparts. The Netherlands Gaming Authority has, amongst others, signed Letters of Intent (LoI) with several European Gaming Regulators. These are necessary for bringing about an effective bilateral and multilateral cooperation, with which it’s possible to exchange information about – amongst other things – best practices and procedures. The Netherlands Gaming Authority is currently also developing several aspects of the Dutch licensing procedure for online gaming permits.

Gaming Operators prepped for updating technical environment

Gaming operators wish to start updating their technical environment to meet all requirements under the Dutch gaming law, including with respect to near real-time reporting, well in time. The Netherlands Gaming Authority intends to organise one or more meetings on the technical requirements to be met shortly after the Ministry of Security and Justice has announced the subordinate gaming legislation (based in the Remote Gambling Act). These meetings will according to the Authority predominantly focus on topics of interest to technicians, including your business operations and IT experts of betting companies.

Strict demands in Dutch Draft Remote Gambling Bill

Please note that the Remote Gambling Bill imposes strict demands on the issuing of licenses. That means for example that a fee will be due for the processing of a license application. According to the Explanatory Notes of the Remote Gambling Bill, an applicant for a remote gambling licence must pay a fee for the processing of the application expected to amount to approximately 40.000 euro. The strict requirements of the Remote Gambling Bill imposes mean for example that:

  • a fee will be due for the processing of a license application;
  • a financial guarantee will be required;
  • the licensee is a public or a private limited liability company according to the laws of any Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA), or an European limited company;
  • the legal person has its seat in The Netherlands or any other EU or EEA Member State. This obligation can be waived by the Board of Directors of The Netherlands Gaming Authority if further conditions are satisfied.

Call for interest on Dutch Remote Gambling license

How can you express your interest and which procedure do you have to follow? You can submit the form ‘Call for interest remote gambling’ accessible by the website of The Netherlands Gaming Authority. The gamiong law section of Blenheim is are gladly to help you with filling in the form.