Isolde Velthuysen


English, Dutch, German

Isolde Velthuysen has been a lawyer in the litigation team at Blenheim since March 2023. She advises and litigates in areas including corporate and contract law.
About Isolde

Her parents worked in the legal and financial sectors, so she was taken into the legal profession from an early age. During her studies, she discovered that the legal profession attracted her as well, mainly because of the creativity needed to apply and explain the law to clients.

After her studies, she continued to develop herself in various areas, including founding the Heart to Handle Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to research into the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Isolde completed a Bachelor of Law and a Master of Private Law, both at the University of Groningen. She also earned a her degree in Commercial Litigation & International Business from the University of Western Ontario Canada.

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