Marie-Louise van Kleef

Marie Louise van Kleef is a real estate lawyer in Amsterdam.
Track record

Marie-Louise van Kleef assists real estate investors, developers, entrepreneurs and private individuals in Blenheim Advocaten’s real estate practice. She has a great deal of experience in advising and litigating on various civil law issues in the field of real estate, namely:

  • renting/letting, including rent termination, rent adjustments, defects, substitution, renovation, subletting, as well as drafting and reviewing lease agreements;
  • purchase/sale, including (hidden) defects, non-conformity and liability issues;
  • Home-owners association issues (including annulment of home-owners association decisions), consent requirements for construction and amendment of deed of divisions;
  • liability of real estate brokers;
  • construction law;
  • foundation issues;
  • rights in rem, including easements; and
  • neighborhood disputes.

Marie-Louise has registered ‘general legal practice’ as her main practice area with the Dutch Bar Association, with civil-law as a sub-practice area. On the basis of this registration, she is obliged to earn ten training points per calendar year in this main practice area according to the standards set by the Dutch Bar Association.

Marie-Louise studied law at the University of Amsterdam. After completing her Master’s degree in private law, she completed traineeships at various law firms in Amsterdam, as well as working as a court clerk at the District Court of Amsterdam. Prior to her studies, Marie-Louise also proved her sporting prowess by qualifying several times for the World and European sailing championships.

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