Rieke Kramer


Dutch, English, German and Spanish

Rieke Kramer is a lawyer who specialises in administrative law. Rieke advises (hospitality) businesses, individuals and municipalities on various issues related to administrative law, particularly licences, and enforcement and supervision.
Rieke has specific knowledge of operating licences (particularly for, amongst others, hospitality businesses, prostitution businesses, amusement arcades and vessels), laws governing hospitality, public order law, scarce rights and the Services Directive.
About Rieke

Rieke joined Blenheim in December 2020 and was admitted as a lawyer in February 2021.

Rieke has extensive experience in advising and litigating on administrative law issues. As a senior lawyer at the municipality of Amsterdam, Rieke gained experience in litigation in (higher) appeal cases and giving legal (administrative) advice. In addition to this, Rieke was the chairperson of the Objections Committee for many years.

Rieke studied at Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam. In 2012, Rieke successfully completed her Master’s in Public Law. After completing her Master’s, Rieke completed specialist contract courses in environmental law and enforcement and supervision.

After her studies, Rieke worked as a project manager at various advertising agencies.

Rieke speaks fluent Dutch and English, but also has a working knowledge of German and Spanish.

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