Simon de Graaff


Dutch, English and French

Simon is mainly active in the areas of administrative law, food law, licensing and regulatory compliance. He regularly advises foreign entrepreneurs on the application of Dutch regulations in these subject areas.
Track record

Simon joined Blenheim in May 2019 and was sworn in as a lawyer in February 2020. During his studies, Simon worked as a registrar for three years at one of the four highest administrative courts in the Netherlands.

During his studies (bachelor of law at Utrecht University (with honours) and master of law at Leiden University), Simon focused on enforcement and environmental law and completed several internships at both small and large law firms, working in the field of regulatory compliance and (both civil and administrative law aspects of) real estate projects. His bachelors thesis was published in JBplus 2018/1 (a professional journal for administrative law) and is entitled: ‘Proportionality: a comparison of fine levels’ which included a detailed comparison of case law of the highest administrative law courts in the Netherlands on the proportionality of administrative fines. He also wrote a book on the influence of the Services Directive (2006/123/EC) on spatial planning, a subject closely related to the subject of scarce permits within the services sector.

Simon is fluent in Dutch and English and has a working knowledge of French.

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