Practice areas

That require lawyers who empathize with their clients and are able to fix the problem as quickly as possible. And, if necessary, to go just that little bit further.


Before your company is bought or sold, it is important to have the advice of lawyers who specialise in acquisitions. Blenheim provides guidance to buyers and sellers in approximately 30 transactions a year and roughly the same number of investments and/or equity participations.

Administrative law

Our administrative lawyers are specialists in regulatory compliance, permits and other government issues. Administrative law deals with decisions, enforcement and other government measures from which disputes arise. The General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht or Awb) forms the legal framework for legal protection in these cases.


Arbitration is a means of dispute resolution that enables private parties to resolve disputes without resorting to court litigation. It is a consensual process in which parties agree for a dispute to be heard by an independent tribunal of arbitrators, who have the power to make a binding decision on the matter. Arbitration is typically used for commercial disputes, providing parties with an enforceable, efficient, and confidential alternative to court litigation.

Commercial law

In commercial law, lawyers assist with In commercial law, lawyers assist with commercial contracts and related proceedings. The lawyers at Blenheim advise and litigate within the broad spectrum of international trade.  

Contract law

Contract law governs agreements that are concluded on a daily basis. A contract law lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legislation and case law governing contracts. An excellently drafted contract should be the starting point. Lawyers at Blenheim specialised in contract law are at your service.

Corporate law

The specialised corporate lawyers at Blenheim have many years of experience in advising and litigating within the field of corporate law and often assist with company takeovers. Clients value us as an enterprising team of specialists with extensive industry knoweldge. Our corporate lawyers pride themselves on adopting a no-nonsense approach, in addition to legal excellence, and understand that creativity and personalized advice is paramount.

Corporate litigation

In recent years, Blenheim Advocaten has grown into a major player in the field of corporate litigation. Our corporate litigation attorneys have been involved in nearly 10% of the total number of inquiry procedure (enquête procedure) requests which were filed in 2019.

Employment law

Our employment lawyers mainly assist companies, but also act on behalf of employees. The employment law specialists are engaged in advising and litigating on a range of subjects in the field of employment law.

Financial law

The rapidly changing world of financial markets poses many challenges. In recent years, companies and financial institutions have been increasingly confronted with complex (inter)national laws and regulations. Blenheim’s banking/financial lawyers have specialised knowledge in all areas of financial law. These include capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, financing, financial disputes, market abuse, regulation and supervision.

German Desk

Blenheim's German-speaking lawyers provide legal advice in both the Netherlands and abroad, with a particular focus on advising German companies and their Dutch subsidiaries or business partners.

Hospitality Desk

Blenheim's lawyers assist and advise hotels, hospitality businesses, event organisers, facility service providers, and leisure and recreation companies, amongst others, in their daily operations.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law governs the rights of the inventor or creator of, for example, a product, invention, brand name, piece of music or literary work. Intellectual Property Law is a collective term for several related areas of law. The lawyers at Blenheim whose practice focuses on Intellectual Property Law are specialised in (among others) copyright law, trademark law, design law, trade name law and domain name law.

International law

Law is playing an increasingly important role in international business. Blenheim has a team of internationally trained lawyers, as well as foreign lawyers, to assist its clients.

Liability law

Lawyers practicing liability law assist clients who have issues related to liability. This includes clients who are claiming damages and those defending against liability.

Privacy law

Blenheim is aware that in a society in which digitisation and data are becoming increasingly important and technological developments occur rapidly, as a progressive law form, you must follow these developments closely. Data is called the oil of the 21st century. The possession and collection of data offers companies enormous opportunities in a wide range of sectors. At the same time, legislation is always lagging behind (technological) developments. Moreover, there are many risks associated with the use of new techniques, both in the area of compliance and at company level. Privacy, for example, is playing an increasingly important role in this regard.

Procedural Law

Our lawyers specialise in conducting legal proceedings: proceedings on the merits, summary proceedings, appeals, and arbitration proceedings. A procedural lawyer at Blenheim will be happy to assist you in order to prevent legal disputes and, if disputes have already arisen, to settle them using all necessary legal means.

Real estate law

Real estate (property) is a specialisation of Blenheim. For many years, Blenheim's property lawyers have been assisting clients on the various aspects of real estate.

Subsidy law

Blenheim advises clients in relation to subsidies. Subsidies are paid as an advance, with the final amount later determined. If the final amount is less than subsidy (or zero) it is important to investigate the reasons for this carefully. Subsidies are often scarce rights – meaning that some candidates are often left out (and not always rightly so).

Tenancy law

Tobacco laws

Treaty law

Treaties play an important role in international trade. Think, for example, of the Vienna Sales Convention and various European treaties. When doing business internationally, knowledge of the legal aspects of international trade is essential. Blenheim assists clients with international transactions and procedures.