Administrative law

Our administrative lawyers are specialists in regulatory compliance, permits and other government issues. Administrative law deals with decisions, enforcement and other government measures from which disputes arise. The General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht or Awb) forms the legal framework for legal protection in these cases.

Proceedings against the government

Administrative law lawyers advise and litigate on matters including enforcement by inspection, periodic penalty payments or administrative fines imposed by the government, along with sanctions for the revocation or refusal of permits, closure of a business, zoning plans and spatial planning. Moreover, real estate projects, such as the (re)development of real estate, monument permits, and housing locations, are often subject to legal proceedings. Other matters dealt with include obtaining an environmental permit under the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act (Wabo) or effecting a change to the zoning plan through the Spatial Planning Act (Wro). Our clients have found legal guidance in these areas to have been very valuable.

Carry out an administrative procedure

Our administrative law lawyers will give you an overview of the opportunities available in objection proceedings or appeal proceedings, along with appeal proceedings before the Council of State. In urgent cases, the lawyer can apply for an interim injunction. This may be necessary if a government decision has to be suspended because it has adverse consequences for the interested party. An interim injunction can be claimed from the Administrative Law Division of a court or through an appeal to the Council of State, depending on the nature of the dispute.


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