Bibob proceedings

A probity screening (called Bibob) may be part of a Dutch license procedure. Blenheim helps out clients in integrity screening procedures.

Probity screening – bibob procedure

When you come across the word Bibob, it’s about integrity, and therefore a question as to whether the entrepreneur has a clean slate. Since June 2003, the Bibob Act (Bevordering Integiteitsbeoordeling door het Nederlands openbaar Bestuur – Promoting Integrity Assessment by the Dutch Public Administration) has allowed municipalities and other government bodies to investigate the integrity of applicants for permits, subsidies, real estate contracts and other contracts  or tenders with government bodies. So if you apply for a Dutch permit you may have to go through the Bibo procedure. We help out clients with this integrity procedure.

Integrity test in dutch licence procedure

In addition to the licensing authority’s own integrity investigation, administrative bodies can also call on the National Bibob Bureau (LBB), part of the Justice and Security Service of the Ministry of Justice and Security. On the basis of this advice, authorities may refuse to deal with the applicant. In my experience, it is useful for a foreign party applying for a licence to seek advice and assistance from a Dutch lawyer when answering the Bibob questionnaires.

Investigation probity screening agency (national bibob bureau or NBB)

A Bibob procedure starts with a request from the licensing authority to fill in a “Bibob form”. These are usually extensive lists in which information is requested. This information is used to check the integrity of the applicant. The information requested mainly relates to the involvement of the persons in the company, the financing of the company, the control and so forth. It is important to provide the requested information as fully as possible in the context of the Bibob procedure. Incomplete information may also lead to a negative Bibob opinion.

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