Cannabis law

Cannabis and weed are a facet of everyday life. We have been advising coffeeshops, suppliers, producers and startups of cannabis and CBD products for years. Blenheim assists entrepreneurs through the maze of regulations, with a focus on regulatory compliance.

Lawyers specialised in cannabis

Cannabis legislation is difficult to navigate for entrepreneurs. The half-hearted tolerance policy, and lack of regulation of products containing CBD, are examples of this. We have become specialised in the issues surrounding these products, including Novel food regulations and food legislation. We advise clients proactively and, if necessary, we go to court. This is sometimes necessary in the event of there being inadequate enforcement and a non-proportionate approach adopted by the government authority.

Advice to producers and suppliers of cannabis products

Because the regulations and rules can differ per municipality, we advise producers, startups and suppliers on (new) products containing cannabis components, such as CBD or THC, as well as the medicinal and industrial application of hemp. We engage in consultations with the competent authorities such as Nvwa and map out the regulations and risks. Our aim is to enable the client to bring its product onto the market. We assist with licence applications, the Bibob procedure and all other formalities.

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