Food and commodities practice

A lawyer is often needed for those who want to market or produce products (whether these are foodstuffs, CBD products, cosmetics, toys, technical machines or electronics). In doing so, there are a range of regulations that you will have to comply with. Blenheim’s specialists will be happy to assist you with this process.

Specialists in food, supplements, cbd products, etc.

The food and commodities practice deals, on the one hand, with the Dutch Commodities Act, Commodities Act decrees and Commodities Act regulations, and various European directives, regulations and decrees, on the other. Food, including food supplements, is the subject of extensive regulation, which applies throughout the entire food chain: from regulations that apply at the production stage (e.g. hygiene regulations) to regulations that apply during sale (e.g. presentation on the website/in a seller’s shop). Blenheim’s lawyers can provide practical and solution-oriented assistance in every step of this legal process. We have connections with the appropriate experts who may be required for the technical aspects throughout the food chain.

Commodities law practice: advice on food regulations

Anyone involved in the chain of commodity production and sales may have to deal with the NVWA and enforcement. Blenheim assists you in matters such as regulatory compliance, inspection enforcement, product liability and contract law. Commodities differ from food, as there are more questions regarding product marking. The best-known marking for commodities is the European CE marking, which allows your company to indicate that the product is ready for the European market, in line with the applicable European regulations. Blenheim’s specialists can help you with this.

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