Gaming law

Gambling has become a facet of daily life. Blenheim advises Dutch and foreign organisers of games of chance and gambling companies on Dutch rules and licences. Regulatory compliance that ensures responsible gambling is essential for the gambling industry.

Lawyers specialising in gambling and games of chance

The regulations governing betting and gambling are changing rapidly. In particular, the advent of licences for the online provision of games and sports betting has accelerated regulation. We are specialised in all aspects of these issues. We advise clients proactively and, if necessary, we go to court. This can sometimes be necessary in the case of excessive fines and a non-proportionate approach adopted by the government authority.

Advice on betting and gambling legislation

Because the regulations on gambling in the Netherlands are complex, we advise producers, startups and suppliers on (new) products to bring to the market. We engage in consultations with the CSA and map out the regulations and risks. Our goal is to enable the client to bring a product on the market within the applicable regulations. We assist with the licence application, the Bibob procedure and all other formalities.

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