Spatial planning

Blenheim’s specialists are happy to provide legal assistance on matters related to spatial planning. Blenheim’s lawyers regularly provide assistance on zoning plans, licences, regulations and enforcement issues.

Special planning specialists

A diverse range of legal issues may arise in relation to (for example) a zoning plan, other spatial plans or an environmental permit. Think, for example:

  • An entrepreneur who believes he or she is disadvantaged by a competitor who is able to establish or expand their business, or an entrepreneur who finds his or her business operations restricted by a new zoning plan;
  • An individual who wants to expand his or her business, home or project and does not know which permits he or she needs, or has issues obtaining those permits, or;
  • A private individual whose enjoyment of living is affected by a new zoning plan or by a permit granted to a business.

Every situation requires its own specific approach. Whether a project is in danger of being continued, dismantled or delayed, a spatial planning lawyer will work with you to find the best possible solution. Every situation benefits from the guidance of a good lawyer.

Spatial planning and environmental advice

Spatial planning focuses on how land can be used. Environmental law concerns whether certain uses are permitted (and, if so, under what conditions) with a view to protecting the environment. Our lawyers are there to take away your concerns around difficult issues and solve them for you. Our clients can expect us to provide clear, proactive advice and work in a solution-oriented manner.

It is important to get things right in good time, as the environment is a topical subject that very often leads to enforcement, and sometimes even (environmental) criminal law sanctions. Blenheim regularly litigates and advises on matters of environmental law, either as part of other matters or as a standalone issue.

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