Arbitration is a means of dispute resolution that enables private parties to resolve disputes without resorting to court litigation. It is a consensual process in which parties agree for a dispute to be heard by an independent tribunal of arbitrators, who have the power to make a binding decision on the matter. Arbitration is typically used for commercial disputes, providing parties with an enforceable, efficient, and confidential alternative to court litigation.

Blenheim has experience in advising on and representing parties in arbitral proceedings under a variety of arbitration rules, including ICC, NAI, LCIA, UNCITRAL and CEPANI.

Our Arbitration team speak Dutch, English and German and are familiar with both common law and civil law concepts and procedures. Blenheim employs a team of Foreign Associates admitted in foreign jurisdictions, that are able to utilise their diverse knowledge and backgrounds to achieve the best results for our clients.

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