Commercial law

In commercial law, lawyers assist with In commercial law, lawyers assist with commercial contracts and related proceedings. The lawyers at Blenheim advise and litigate within the broad spectrum of international trade.  

Commercial lawyer

A commercial law lawyer can assist you with commercial contracts and disputes related to them (including issues with distribution, agency and franchising, continuing performance agreements (duurovereenkomst), and production agreements), collection of monetary claims, along with all other related aspects, such as compensation for non-performance of agreements, retention of title, the right of complaint, dissolution of agreements and force majeure (Corona crisis).

Advice on international trade

A lot occurs in (international) trade. Transportation of goods, financing of goods, storage in ports, distribution and price fluctuations are all subjects that a lawyer working in commercial law deals with. Damages, breach of contract, unpaid invoices, liability and seizure are regular issues. This can result in all kinds of proceedings which require the assistance from a good lawyer. Blenheim’s experienced team can advise you quickly on issues that require a solution.

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