Franchise law

Blenheim’s lawyers assist both Dutch and international clients with matters involving franchises. At Blenheim, this area of law is handled by the corporate law team, which provides legal assistance to entrepreneurs

Procedures concerning franchise contracts

Blenheim’s specialists are happy to provide legal assistance to franchise owners. Our franchise lawyers assist with franchise contracts, organising the correct legal and fiscal franchise structure, the settlement of disputes between franchisor and franchisee, creating franchise agreements, creating master franchise agreements, etc. Litigation concerning franchise disputes can involve a variety of issues, such as projections, financial issues, duty of care and confidentiality. We also advise our franchise clients in related areas of law, including with employee matters, licences and rental matters. Blenheim is also happy to provide advice for startups. We are happy to help you with the organisation of your business and assist in consultation with stakeholders. Our specialised lawyers assist and advise various entrepreneurs in their business operations.

Discuss franchise disputes with specialised lawyers

Our lawyers are there to take away your concerns about any difficult issues that may arise and solve them for you. These may include problems with shareholders, financiers, contracts, permits, and legal proceedings. Our clients can expect us to provide prompt, clear advice and work in a solution-oriented manner. This allows you to continue to do business as usual. We like to think along with you and advise proactively to avoid you being left with any surprises. We do so at competitive rates and with clear agreements in place. We are available 24/7 for telephone consultations on a wide range of questions that arise and require brief advice. For a fixed monthly fee, you can call our lawyers with unlimited questions.

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