Contract law

Contract law governs agreements that are concluded on a daily basis. A contract law lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legislation and case law governing contracts. An excellently drafted contract should be the starting point. Lawyers at Blenheim specialised in contract law are at your service.

Contract law specialist

A contract should regulate as much as possible in order to avoid disputes. This requires careful legal work by a lawyer. For clients entering into contracts who want risks and financial interests to be managed as well as possible, we are at your service 24/7. For those doing business internationally, we have English-speaking specialists who have taken Dutch contract law to a higher level. If a contract is not sufficient, or if an incident or claim occurs, we will carry out the necessary procedure for you. Contract litigation requires thorough knowledge and expertise of the lawyer handling your case. A contract specialist from Blenheim is the right person for the job.

Legal advice on contracts

In practice, most legal proceedings concern contracts. Damages, breach of contract, unpaid invoices, liability, defects, or late delivery are often involved. It is important to choose a good strategy from the outset and to take the appropriate steps. Blenheim’s contract specialists quickly advise on the opportunities, risks and legal options in the event of a dispute over a contract, as well as on issues of liability and compensation that require an appropriate solution. This can lead to a range of proceedings that require proper assistance from a lawyer.

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