Civil service law

Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in advising, negotiating and litigating in civil service law. Blenheim is happy to assist civil servants with advice and assistance.

Specialised lawyers in civil service law

Disputes with an employer are never enjoyable. Blenheim believes in the effective and efficient resolution of such disputes. An attempt is usually made to consult with the employer to settle the dispute. If this is not possible, our lawyers will litigate. Disputes can be diverse, and Blenheim’s employment law team has extensive experience in the areas of dismissal, reorganisation, social plans (sociaal plan), job evaluations and salaries, sanctions, etc.

Advice and guidance by a lawyer

As a result of the Normalisation of the Legal Status of Civil Servants Act (Wnra), many civil servants have switched to an employment contract and are no longer subject to civil service law, but to civil employment law. Civil servants working in, among other sectors, the police, defence, judiciary, political office holders, notaries and bailiffs, members of the High Councils of State, and members of advisory boards and independent administrative bodies still fall under civil service law. However, (former) civil servants appointed to the public sector occupy a separate position. Blenheim is familiar with the legal position of civil servants and is experienced in solving disputes that may arise.

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