Dismissal law

Our employment lawyers assist companies and employees in disputes related to dismissals. Our approach is characterised by quick and practical solutions in which the client’s interests always take precedence.

Lawyers specialised in dismissal law

If termination of an employment contract is not possible, a lawyer specialised in dismissal law can help provide a solution. The specialists at Blenheim are happy to provide legal assistance in the solution of disputes regarding dismissals. Employment law is constantly changing. This specialisation therefore requires extensive and up-to-date knowledge. Our specialists offer you the benefit of this knowledge and are happy to keep you informed about the most recent developments in employment law. Taking into account the various aspects involved in dismissal, our lawyers strive for effective and efficient solutions.

Solving dismissal related issues

Our lawyers are there to take away your concerns about any difficult issues that may arise and solve them for you. Our clients can expect us to provide prompt, clear advice and work in a solution-oriented manner. We like to think along with you and advise proactively to avoid you being left with any surprises. We do so at competitive rates and with clear agreements in place. We are available 24/7 for telephone consultations on a wide range of questions that arise and require brief advice.

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