Hospitality Desk

Blenheim’s lawyers assist and advise hotels, hospitality businesses, event organisers, facility service providers, and leisure and recreation companies, amongst others, in their daily operations.

The hospitality industry demands maximum effort from business owners and their staff on a day-to-day basis. Blenheim’s specialists are happy to contribute to these daily achievements.

We focus on paying personal attention to our clients’ wishes and needs as a business owner.

Legal advice will be required within various facets of a hospitality business’ operations. We are happy to provide input in the organisation of large events, assist in consultations with the government, help an entrepreneur with personnel matters, or facilitate the sale of the company.

Blenheim regularly advises on the following legal issues, amongst others:

  • Staff issues
  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Tenancy law issues
  • Enforcement issues
  • Licensing issues
  • Compliance & regulation
  • Expansion and sale of your company
  • Legal proceedings

Our clients can expect us to provide clear, prompt advice and work in a solution-oriented manner, so no matter what happens, business can continue as usual. We like to think alongside you and advise proactively, and offer competitive rates in doing so.

Customisation and an appropriate rate

Besides working on an hourly basis, we also regularly make the following arrangements with clients.

Call subscription: We are available 24/7 for telephone consultations about various questions that arise and that require a brief consultation. For a fixed amount per month, you can call our lawyers with unlimited questions.

Lawyer at your office: Do you need more structured in-house advice? Blenheim is also able to provide this, with a lawyer assisting you for a day (or part of a day) at your office. We offer fixed fees for this.

Below are 5 examples of where our hospitality lawyers are employed.

Advice on employees and working conditions

Working in hospitality is labour-intensive and demands maximum effort from staff. Quality and customer-friendliness are of utmost importance. We help our clients with personnel issues such as: (flexible) employment contracts, primary and secondary terms of employment, job assignment, reorganisation, hiring, dismissal issues, application of the collective labour agreement.

Hospitality contracts with suppliers, cleaning companies, security etc.

It is incredibly important for all contractual arrangements in which a hospitality company is a party to, to be in order. Good contracts lay the foundation for good business. This is the core business of Blenheim’s lawyers. Whether it involves contracts with suppliers, employment agencies, or the government, Blenheim’s hospitality team are here to help. Where things go wrong, Blenheim will work with the client to find a workable solution. If necessary, our litigation team can also assist, and represent, clients in court proceedings.

Regulatory Compliance

Entrepreneurs have to comply with all types of regulations. Occupational health and safety law, catering regulations, local APV regulations, fire safety of buildings, etc. Blenheim can proactively advise on how to deal with these regulations. After all, prevention is better than a cure. For example, this could include a practical manual or protocol for employees to follow, or a legal audit to see if you comply with all applicable regulations. A breach of regulations can lead to enforcement by the (labour) inspectorate, supervisor and/or municipality. We also regularly update our clients on new regulations and other developments that affect their business operations. If a sanction is imposed by the government, Blenheim assists with the objection and appeal procedure.


Entrepreneurs and hotels are familiar with hotel and catering rules. Applicable rules include the Dutch Drinks and Catering Act, and local catering establishments, which are usually listed in the municipality’s General Municipal Bye-Law. Expanding services and activities sometimes requires an adjustment of the licence. When an event is organised, the organiser has to deal with various types of regulations, and various bodies can interfere with the event. In these situations, it is useful for a lawyer from Blenheim to assist or, in the busiest periods, for a lawyer to be seconded to the organisation.


A business owner who wants to grow their business requires the input of a specialised lawyer. Blenheim’s M&A lawyers, together with Blenheim’s Corporate Finance team, have extensive experience in the acquisition of companies in and outside the Netherlands.

It may also be possible that a neighbouring property is put up for sale. This can provide businesses with a unique opportunity for expansion. Blenheim can assist with the purchase of neighbouring properties and obtaining the necessary licence for merging buildings or renovation, if this is required by the municipality.

Do you have a legal hospitality issue? Feel free to contact hospitality specialist Rachelle Mourits to discuss what we can do for you.

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