Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law governs the rights of the inventor or creator of, for example, a product, invention, brand name, piece of music or literary work. Intellectual Property Law is a collective term for several related areas of law. The lawyers at Blenheim whose practice focuses on Intellectual Property Law are specialised in (among others) copyright law, trademark law, design law, trade name law and domain name law.

Advice and litigation

As the creator or holder of an intellectual property right, one may invoke their rights against anyone if his or her work, trademark, design or invention is used or copied by another person, without permission. If a third party infringes an IP right, one will have to take prompt action to limit damage as much as possible.

Our lawyers can assist you in both legal proceedings concerning intellectual property rights, as well as providing expert advice on various issues of intellectual property law. Intellectual property rights play a role wherever creativity and development are involved. Blenheim works for largw companies, those within the SME sector, as well as private individuals in various industires such as fashion and luxury goods, retail, hospitality, IT and media & entertainment.

IT & software

Dependence on IT and software is becoming increasingly important for companies and often forms the backbone of a company’s operations. In many cases, the legal aspects of a technological, software or IT development or project, are ignored for too long. Blenheim specializes in drafting and reviewing a variety of IT contracts such as license agreements, SaaS agreements and agreements related to app development. Blenheim also has experience involving liability in ICT projects and blockchain-related issues.


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