Liability law

Lawyers practicing liability law assist clients who have issues related to liability. This includes clients who are claiming damages and those defending against liability.

Liability specialist

Liability relates to the start of a dispute. Blenheim lawyers advise and litigate on behalf of clients with regard to liability and compensation for damages. Liability is a specific area of expertise that is the subject of a large amount of litigation. An insurer is often involved. It requires thorough expertise from the lawyer handling your case. This experience and expertise can be found amongst the lawyers at Blenheim.


Legal advice on liability

A good strategic approach to a liability matter is important. We see whether the sting can be taken out of a dispute; what are the limits to what is achievable? An empathetic approach to your case is important for this. Blenheim’s experienced team can quickly advise you on liability and compensation issues that require an appropriate solution.


Professional liability

A special form of liability is professional liability. Blenheim has built up specific expertise on liability for professional misconduct. We regularly intervene in proceedings involving professional liability. It is not uncommon for someone to go to court with a professional liability claim and, in addition to a statement of entitlement, to seek damages from the professional. Usually this professional will have been excluded (exoneration) within the general terms and conditions, or there is a limited amount that the professional insurer has to pay out in case the court establishes professional liability. However, a claim for exoneration is not always allowed.

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