Privacy law

Blenheim is aware that in a society in which digitisation and data are becoming increasingly important and technological developments occur rapidly, as a progressive law form, you must follow these developments closely. Data is called the oil of the 21st century. The possession and collection of data offers companies enormous opportunities in a wide range of sectors. At the same time, legislation is always lagging behind (technological) developments. Moreover, there are many risks associated with the use of new techniques, both in the area of compliance and at company level. Privacy, for example, is playing an increasingly important role in this regard.

Advising on the application of digitisation and new techniques

Our lawyers will be happy to advise you pragmatically on how to deal with your data and the collection of personal data. Blenheim works for a wide range of industries within the SME sector, large companies, as well as private individuals. Whether you are an IT start-up, developing software or apps, or are wondering if, or how you can and may use your clients’ data, Blenheim can provide you with targeted and specialist advice.

Complying with the AVG

Blenheim also specialises in advising and litigating in the field of privacy and data protection. You can ask Blenheim for advice on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), drafting and reviewing your privacy statement, processing agreements with third parties, how you deal with possible data leaks, or requests for inspection.


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