Media law

When should media freedom give way to other interests? Media law addresses the fundamental legal questions concerning public information services. Anyone who controls the media can influence public opinion and thus (in)directly damage the reputation of third parties.

Your rights in the media

If an individual or business owner feels that they have been harmed by a media publication, they can start a lawsuit. The court will then have to weigh up the right to freedom of expression against, for example, the right to privacy. Can a journalist be obligated to reveal his or her sources? Can a corrigendum or removal of the publication be enforced by a court case? Can damages be claimed for harm caused to reputation or turnover? And/or is criminal prosecution possible?

The lawyers in the IP team at Blenheim specialising in media law advise on the following areas:

  • Corrigendum and compensation
  • Copyright
  • Media issues
  • Interviews
  • Illegal publications and/or broadcasts
  • Licences

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