Blenheim’s litigation lawyers assist clients appeal court judgments. In an appeal, the knowledge and expertise of the lawyer at hand make all the difference.

Lawyers specialised in appeal matters

Blenheim’s litigation specialists provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs and private individuals in appeal proceedings. Throughout the various stages of the appeal procedure, our team of lawyers work effectively and efficiently to achieve the best possible result.

Request for ligitation advice regarding an appeal matter

In order to assess the chances of appeal, our lawyers examine the case file(s) of the first instance court proceedings. The court’s judgment, and possibly also the interlocutory decision, explain why and on what grounds a party has been wholly or partially unsuccessful. Litigation advice involves advice and analysis as to how to best present arguments on appeal, as well as the chances of success. Litigation advice is very useful if you are considering lodging an appeal. An appeal is the last available opportunity to win your case in court. Good legal assistance is thus essential.

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