Our procedural lawyers specialise in conducting legal proceedings: proceedings on the merits, summary proceedings, appeals and arbitration proceedings. Blenheim’s procedural lawyers can also assist in preventing legal disputes. If a dispute is problematic, we will go to court with you.

When do you need legal representation in legal proceedings?

You are not required to have legal representation for subdistrict court proceedings or administrative law proceedings. There are more examples on this list. For ordinary court proceedings and appeal and cassation appeals, a lawyer will be required.

Lawyers as process managers

Litigation is the core business of lawyers. Where necessary, we go to court to help you attain a just outcome. For various areas of law, Blenheim lawyers specialise in the available legal procedures. Is there sufficient evidence? Will there first be a seizure of goods or property? Will witnesses be heard first? The lawyer’s work also includes conducting settlement negotiations that may prevent a lawsuit, and the drafting of the settlement agreement. Thanks to the many years of experience possessed by our lawyers, and the fact that we work as a team, we can provide you with tailored and quality advice on your matter.

Do you want to know more about ligitation?

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