Real estate law

Real estate (property) is a specialisation of Blenheim. For many years, Blenheim’s property lawyers have been assisting clients on the various aspects of real estate.

Property lawyers

Real estate (property) law is a broad field of expertise. It encompasses all legal aspects of the construction and sale of property. This includes the development, design, construction and sale, and leasing. It also includes the rights and obligations of those involved in the real estate process, such as the developer, contractor, architect, and the relevant government body responsible for applicable licences, exemptions, zoning plans, etc. The focus of Blenheim’s property lawyers is providing the best possible service for our clients.

Areas of law relating to property

The property lawyers of the Blenheim law firm are active in the following areas of law: construction law, leases, sale and purchase, apartment rights, co-ownership (mandeligheid), town and country planning, and administrative law and neighbour law (burenrecht). Our lawyers are specialised in one or more areas of property law. For this reason, you will always get a lawyer who fits the issue you are seeking advice or expertise on.

For sales transactions, we regularly deal with negotiations, as well as: disputes about hidden defects, errors and general terms and conditions, writing requirements (schriftelijkheidsvereiste), the seller’s liability and the duty to notify and investigate, the purchaser’s duty to complain and limitation period, charges and limitations, conformity, the real estate agent’s position, sale by auction and perpetual clauses, mortgages, contamination and a declaration of cleanliness.

Hospitality desk for the retail and hospitality industry

Together with the Hospitality Desk, Blenheim advises a large number of retail businesses and the hospitality industry on rental law, permits, municipal regulations, the Activities Decree, PDV policy, zoning changes, the obligation to operate, assortment management in relation to the zoning plan, objection and appeal procedures, compensation for loss of turnover, business transfers, government legislation, etc. The expertise that Blenheim has gathered enables us to provide you with a fast and high-quality service.


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