Homeowner Association (HoA)

Blenheim’s lawyers assist VvE and VvE members in complicated issues that may arise. VvE lawyers are able to advise the board and apartment owners on their legal position.

VvE specialists

Blenheim’s specialists are happy to provide assistance on legal issues that arise within a VvE. We are happy to advise the VvE and VvE members in order to optimise living arrangements within a building. Often, a VvE dispute concerns a decision that has been made. An apartment owner who disagrees with a decision of the VvE can submit a request to the Sub-district court within 30 days to have the decision annulled. The decision can be annulled if it is contrary to either the articles of association of the VvE or the internal regulations, or if it is contrary to standards of reasonableness and fairness. The decision may also be null and void. Other points of contention include costs within the VvE, construction of a roof terrace, illegal renting, renovations and amendments to the deed of division. Amending the deed of division often proves difficult in practice. A VvE lawyer can advise on the methods available to correct the deed.

Taking the burden away from owner’s association (VvE) issues

Our lawyers are there to take away your concerns about any difficult issues that may arise and solve them for you. Our clients can expect us to provide prompt, clear advice and work in a solution-oriented manner. We like to think along with you and advise proactively to avoid you being left with any surprises. We do so at competitive rates and with clear agreements in place. We are available 24/7 for telephone consultations on a wide range of questions that arise and require brief advice. For a fixed monthly fee, you can call our lawyers with unlimited questions.

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