Mark van Weeren from Blenheim has covered the most important ground lease questions in the book “50 questions about ground leases”.

Specialists in leasehold matters

Blenheim’s specialists are happy to provide legal assistance to resolve a leasehold dispute. Our specialist lawyers regularly assist, litigate and advise in ground lease disputes and contracts. The rights and obligations of the leaseholder and land owner are laid down in a deed in which the applicable ground lease conditions are included. Nevertheless, both parties have to take into account each other’s legitimate interests. This is something that unfortunately happens too little. In these matters, quality advice and persistence are important. These are qualities that Blenheim stands for.

Search for solutions in leasehold matters

Leaseholders should be aware of their rights. A leasehold contract is concluded quickly, but the leaseholder is usually attached to it for a very long time. More and more leaseholders have become members of groups that represent the interests of leaseholders. The majority of the rules to which a leaseholder is bound to are found in the “small print”: the applicable leasehold conditions. The average leaseholder will not have read these general terms and conditions prior to the commencement of the ground lease. We try to come to a solution with the landowner in the difficult situations leaseholders find themselves in. This can sometimes be a lengthy and difficult process, that may require resolution in court. In these situations, we believe persistence is the key to success.

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