Monument law

The lawyers at Blenheim assist clients in matters relating to heritage buildings and monuments. At Blenheim, this area of law forms a part of the real estate team. This team advises on both administrative law issues (matters in which the government is involved) and private law matters (contracts, damages, etc.)

Lawyers specialised in cultural heritage law

Disputes related to the conservation of listed monuments sometimes arise as a result of subjective judgements made by various advisors or officials involved with cultural heritage. Both the Welstands Committee (Welstandscommissie) and the Monuments Committee (Monumentencommissie) give (subjective) opinions that are sometimes not accepted by the owner of a listed monument. This often results in the refusal of a permit. Unsolicited designation of property as a (municipal) monument also regularly results in disputes with the owner of the property. There is a plethora of regulations and paperwork regarding permits. This makes it very difficult for the owner of a monument to adequately improve or adapt their property. Enforcement through penalties and fines also does not make the life of the monument owner any easier. It is advisable to call a lawyer if your rights as the owner of the monument are affected.

Advice about listed monuments

Our lawyers are there to take away your concerns around difficult issues and solve them for you. Our clients can expect us to provide prompt, clear advice and work in a solution-oriented manner. We like to think along with you and try to advise proactively. We do so at competitive rates and with clear agreements in place.

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