Treaty law

Treaties play an important role in international trade. Think, for example, of the Vienna Sales Convention and various European treaties. When doing business internationally, knowledge of the legal aspects of international trade is essential. Blenheim assists clients with international transactions and procedures.

Lawyers specialising in international law

Blenheim’s lawyers advise on the legal aspects of international issues, and draft and review international contracts. This is done with the aim of making your (international) cases run as smoothly as possible. In any case, you can contact the lawyers at Blenheim if you would like advice on the following subjects:

  • international contracts
  • cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • international company law
  • cross-border investments
  • international procedures
  • international treaties, such as the Vienna Sales Convention
  • project development and investment in property by foreign companies
  • distribution and agency agreements

Network of international lawyers

Moreover, Blenheim is affiliated with Lawyers Associated Worldwide, providing it with a large and high-quality network of affiliated law firms. This is important, as when it comes to a case with international elements, you want to receive the right legal help.

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