ICO white papers in the Netherlands - legal review by ICO lawyers

Before launching an ICO in the Netherlands, it may be useful to issue a white-paper.
A white paper describes the token and the implementation. It is a brochure in which the investor and regulators can see what the risks are, what it is about, et cetera.
It is the marketing material intended to raise investments in a virtual token.
That content can be regulated by the national legal regime. 

Our Dutch financial lawyers regularly review and draft white papers in order to secure the white paper is in line with the Dutch law and to minimize the legal risks of an ICO.

Our law firm in the Netherlands has years of experience advising clients with regard to capitalization strategies. 

Drafting and reviewing an ICO white paper and setting up an ICO in the Netherlands

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You can always contact Hedwig Delescen with regard to legal issues pertaining to blockchain technology and (or) ICO's in particular,  

Hedwig focuses on legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain technology in the Netherlands, and has an in depth knowledge of Dutch securities regulations, applicable to token generating events and cryptocurrency in the Netherlands.

Hedwig advises on legal issues with the AFM and DNB, the financial authorities in the Netherlands, and as Dutch financial lawyer she works closely with selected accountants and other financial law attorneys in the Netherlands (and sometimes abroad) to ensure effective implementation of blockchain (ICO) projects.

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