Activities of the legal Intern

The activities of the legal Intern will include:

  • basic legal research
  • preparing written advice
  • attending meetings
  • being present at court hearings; and
  • a variety of tasks that may assist Blenheim’s lawyers in their duties.

The duration of the legal Internship

The duration of the legal Internship can range from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months.
The Internships at our law firm are preferably based on a full-time basis.

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Other pages with information on the Foreign Law Student Internship Program

For further information, please read these pages:

or contact:

Mrs. C.X. Rietjens-Van Werven
Postbox 10302
1001 EH Amsterdam
The Netherlands.

LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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