Blenheim’s benchmark of quality

We at the Blenheim law firm consider the following to be the benchmarks of our quality:

  • Through teamwork, integrity and the highest quality legal work, we dedicate ourselves to our clients’ interests. We have organized our firm to render services through specific areas of practice, and encourage our attorneys to obtain training and experience in more than one area so that they may better recognize and deal with unpredictable legal situations that may arise.
  • Our goal is to provide affordable legal representation, by combining the efficiency and cost effectiveness achievable through today’s technology with integrity, professionalism and dedication.
  • Our attorneys play an integral role in the development of our clients’ projects, providing ongoing legal support and advice. But at Blenheim we aim to provide more than legal advice; we offer a broad perspective on the industries in which our clients operate and a network of contacts within the investment and business communities. Our no nonsense approach to any legal problem is to understand the context in which it is presented, and then find the best solution in the most cost-effective manner.
  • We consciously created a law firm of this size to carefully control the workload and quality of work we perform.
    It is our experience that larger firms sometimes lack a "sense of urgency" in attempting to resolve a client’s problems. We build our reputation on the ability not only to do good legal work, but to give quick, responsive and complete service.

LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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