16 September 2014

Dutch lawyer and business contract review

Category: Contract law

Having an attorney at the contract drafting stage is important. This is your opportunity to minimize future problems and expenses. The key to preventing future lawsuits and commercial disputes is careful drafting of all contracts. The better the contract under Dutch law, the less likely there will be a dispute about it in the future. The attorneys of Blenheim will listen to your goals, your plan, and draft a contract for you that best protects your business interests and prevents future disputes and litigation in the Netherlands. It is important for every aspect of the agreement under Dutch Law to be clear and to cover all potential agreements related to the particular business in the Netherlands involved. Feel free to contact a Dutch Business Lawyer on this.

Dutch Contract Analysis and Negotiation

You may be interested in entering an agreement with another party who has already drafted a contract. Generally, the other party has only his or her own interests in mind when drafting the agreement, and has no interest in protecting you. Our lawyers can negotiate Dutch contract terms, review and interpret contracts and, when necessary, enforce the terms of contracts in litigation. It is imperative that you have a Dutch attorney review the contract, propose changes that will protect you and your interests and investment, and negotiate those changes.

Breach of Contract under Dutch Law

When a contract term in a Dutch contract, either express or implied, is breached (broken) under Dutch Law, the injured party may bring a civil suit with the Dutch Court. The default should be notified to the party in breach of the contract. The usual remedy if the other party remains in default is money damages, but a Dutch court may also order specific performance, rescission or reformation of the contract. An injunction or a preliminary judgment may be given by the Dutch Court to prevent further damage.

Contract Litigation in the Netherlands and assistance of Dutch litigation attorney

Our attorneys are also experienced contract litigators in Dutch Courts. When there is a dispute over a contract involving Dutch Law or the Netherlands, or one party to the contract has breached his or her agreement, and settlement seems unlikely, it may be appropriate to initiate a lawsuit with the Dutch Court. Our litigation attorneys can draft, serve, and file the Summons and Complaint, initiating a Dutch lawsuit. Next, we will conduct discovery, or the gathering of information in the possession of the other party, in order to anticipate the other party’s strategy and find evidence to support your claims. Courts may propose the parties to attend mediation to try to settle their disputes before trial in the Netherlands. If the case does not settle at mediation, our attorneys will represent you at trial in the Dutch Court by presenting evidence in the form of the testimony of your witnesses and documents, object to improper presentation of evidence by the other party similar to proceedings in other countries.

Preventing Contract Disputes an future Litigation in the Netherlands

Contract disputes and litigation are expensive and time-consuming for companies. They can also affect the reputation of the public entity, the business owner or the property owner. One way to avoid the negative aspects of disputes is to work with an attorney with significant contract experience in the Netherlands. In this capacity, we negotiate, draft, review and interpret contracts under Duch Law for clients. These and other business advisory services for business in the Netherlands can help clients avoid litigation and its associated expenses.

Contact a Dutch Contract Review Lawyer

Our attorneys in Amsterdam provide experienced legal help to help ensure that your contract addresses your concerns, protects your rights and is enforceable in the event of commercial litigation in the Netherlands. We can review the contracts you are asked to sign with a Dutch Company, represent you in negotiations regarding business transactions involving Dutch Law and prepare the business agreements and contracts your firm needs to run its business. Our Dutch lawyers have successfully assisted clients in completing international transactions involving the Netherlands jurisdiction.