Litigation and advice

The financial law practice group at Blenheim is able to tackle financial legal issues for its clients, providing advice, assisting with permits, and conducting litigation where necessary.

Advice on financial regulations

Our specialists advise companies and individuals on financial issues relating to regulations, also known as regulatory compliance, including (but certainly not limited to) the scope of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), offering investment objects, and granting credit to consumers. Blenheim also advises its clients on European law, whether or not directly implemented in Dutch law. This includes the rules for payment service providers (PSD2), the rules for insider trading or market abuse (MAR), the rules for investment fund managers (AIFMD) and the Prospectus Directive. In addition, Blenheim assists clients in a range of areas, including drawing up or modifying a prospectus and KYC policy within the framework of the Wwft.

Financial law proceedings

Our specialists are familiar with (complex) legal regulations. In some instances, an amicable solution between the parties is not possible. In some cases, it thus may be necessary to litigate.

The financial law practice group is ready to assist you with this. Our financial specialists litigate at various judicial authorities, along with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid). These specialists litigate on matters including the liability of financial enterprises (such as banks), the termination of banking relationships, the breach of the duty of care, improper advice to financial companies (including on interest rate swaps), and excessive lending.

Licensing and enforcement by the AFM and DNB

As a company or a private individual, you may have to deal with the financial supervisory body (AFM or DNB). Blenheim can assist in these situations. Blenheim can assist you in applying for (or revoking) licences/registrations and exemptions from the financial supervisory authorities (DNB and AFM), as well as in relation to any action taken by the financial supervisor (e.g. administrative fines, imposition of a penalty, revocation of a licence and other enforcement measures). We also assess the reliability and suitability of day-to-day policymakers and co-policymakers.

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