Procedural Law

Our lawyers specialise in conducting legal proceedings: proceedings on the merits, summary proceedings, appeals, and arbitration proceedings. A procedural lawyer at Blenheim will be happy to assist you in order to prevent legal disputes and, if disputes have already arisen, to settle them using all necessary legal means.

Procedural lawyers

Litigation is the core business of lawyers. Where necessary, we go to court to provide you with a just outcome. For various areas of law, Blenheim lawyers specialise in the available legal procedures. These include mediation and binding advice, seizure, disciplinary proceedings, arbitration, and international proceedings (including complaint proceedings at the European Court).

Procedural lawyers’ work also includes conducting settlement negotiations in order to avoid court proceedings. In these situations, the lawyer also arranges the drafting of the settlement (settlement agreement).

Pre-litigation advice

Whether to initiate legal proceedings depends on the specific facts and circumstances of your case. The procedural lawyer will want to know exactly what has occurred in order to be able to advise you as effectively as possible. It is important that a specialised lawyer is able to give you proper procedural advice concerning your case’s chances of success in court. Lawyers call this litigation advice (procesadvies). Thanks to the many years of experience of our lawyers, together with the fact that we work as a team, we are able to provide you with proper and appropriate advice regarding your case.

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