Collective labor law

The health and safety policy implemented by the employer consists of all measures and facilities designed to limit health risks for employees, reduce sick leave and promote reintegration after illness. The employer must consult with the Labour Council or employee representation on this policy. There are a number of obligations the employer must meet in all circumstances.   A collective labor agreement (CLA) is a written agreement in which agreements are made on terms and conditions of employment for a group of employees. For example, the CLA regulates standard terms and conditions of employment such as: payment of wages, holiday entitlements, overtime, termination of contracts, etc. A CLA is concluded between one or more employers or one or more employers’ associations and one or more employees’ associations (usually trade unions). In any instance, the employers involved in concluding the CLA are bound by the terms and conditions of employment contained therein. To determine whether a CLA applies to employees and employers, the scope of application is considered.

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